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The First Complete Kitchen Cabinet Glossary

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  • Edge Grain
    Wood that has been sawed parallel to growth rings.
  • End Cabinets
    A cabinet that is only connected on one side. It has two doors and is usually decorative and unique in order to add style and character to a kitchen. End cabinets may be regular or specialty cabinets.
  • End Shelf
    A type of end cabinet that has shelves instead of doors.
  • Engineered Wood
    Also known as composite wood, engineered wood is made from a variety of wood products bound with adhesives. This type of wood uses up more energy to process than solid wood and may be toxic because of the adhesives used.
  • Epoxy Coated Guides
    A fast drying white protective coating that is baked into hardware metal guides. It is low VOC and can be used for sidemount and undermount hardware. Epoxy coated metal is lesser in quality than stainless steel and usually used for drawers that are not full-extension.
  • European Hinge
    See Concealed Hinge.
  • Exposed Hinge
    Hinges that show on the outside of the cabinet. These are a more old-fashioned style.