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The First Complete Kitchen Cabinet Glossary

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  • ADA
    Americans with Disabilities Act is a series of legislation that prevents the discrimination of disabled persons. This act details specific design requirements for disability access and universal designs.
  • Adjustable Shelves
    Shelves whose heights are adjustable to make room for tall and short objects. They are supported by shelf holders, such as pegs and dowel pins, set one inch apart.
  • Alder
    A type of hardwood that is very responsive to stains and has a variety of colors. Many choose the darker grain version of this wood to imitate more expensive woods like mahogany, walnut and cherry.
  • American Colonial
    A design style that models itself after the furniture used by colonists. The pieces are usually rough and handmade.
  • Appliance Garage
    A cabinet that is underneath a wall cabinet or wall diagonal cabinet used to keep items off of the countertops. Appliance garages are equipped with a flexible, sliding door or shutter that looks like a garage door.
  • Art Deco
    This style includes a geometric style mixing curves with straight lines and wood furniture with chrome hardware. It is also known as Moderne.
  • Arts and Crafts
    See Prairie.
  • Asbestos
    A fibrous and incombustible material that had been used for construction mainly in acoustic ceilings made before 1978. It causes a variety of health complications and is therefore no longer used.
  • Ash
    A dark wood that is best used for decorative pieces such as onlays. Although, it can be used for cabinets.
  • Aspen
    Aspen is soft and white, but strong and has a low flammability.