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Allen Floring (, AR)

About my experience:

We had a builder construct our lake house and we finished out many of the interior items ourselves to save money. My friend and I assembled and installed these cabinets in a weekend. We saved thousands of dollars and were able to use upgraded cabinets for much less than the builder grade cabinet quote.
Our kitchen is the focal point of our small, open floor plan lake view home. It is warm and inviting and we did all the work ourselves....including cutting down the wall pantry to fit our small space. It may not be the most lavish kitchen, but it is certainly one of the nicest for our limited budget. The hand scraped hickory floors were also installed by us and were a bargain buy at $2.70 sq/ft. I will take more pics with the hardware on the cabinets if it is being considered for a finalist. These pics were taken right after installation. The floors were not finished and the bar top was not installed....but you can get the idea

Gordana (, NY)

About my experience:

We took a small, cramped kitchen and made it the center of the house by knocking down two walls and installing antique white cabinetry that went with the farmhouse feel of the house. The travertine backsplash compliments the grey of the granite and the red flecks in the granite go beautifully with the glaze in the cabinetry.
The kitchen is unique and charming and will make anyone feel at home.

Jeremy and Kaleigh Flatt (, AL)

About my experience:

When looking around for our first house to buy we both decided it would be great to buy a fixer-upper. After 5 offers falling through we found this diamond in the rough, and when I say rough... I mean ROUGH! This house, originally built in the 50s, had been added onto a couple of times and uninhabited for a couple of years. When we bought it there was a small galley kitchen with no oven and two empty spaces on either side of the room where the washer and dryer were supposed to go. We could barely fit in the space together, but there was a spacious breakfast room that had been added on in one of those additions. We decided to check into the possibility of moving the kitchen and with Kitchens Pro the vision became reality. We knocked down walls, added walls, had the water moved and the window replaced, we layed bamboo flooring and chose a glass tile backspash to compliment both the granite countertops and our Modern Chocolate cabinets. In moving the kitchen we were also able to take advantage of an 8x10 skylight that allows so much natural light in that we don't even have to turn the kitchen light on until night. By doing most of it ourselves we were able to completely transform our kitchen on a tight budget. Working with Kitchens Pro couldn't have been easier and our family and friends are shocked that we were able to find such great cabinets at such an affordable cost.

Gilbert Scales (, CA)

Purchased Cherry Maple 3,000 average
About my experience:

I have built 6 kitchens in the Cherry Maple and could not be happier! I flip houses here in So Cal and I do not know where you could find a better built cabinet, my buyers think the kitchens cost me 25 to 35K when they see them and my avererage is about 7 to 8K with about 3K in cabinets!

Michael Lagace (Bristol, CT)

About my experience:

I researched pre-manufactured and all the RTA cabinets from the big chain stores to just about all the web stores. I purchased 5 full cabinets from different companies to compare quality and the Kitchens Pro cabinet was by far the best quality. Their service was also excellent from answering questions to the order process, they helped me all the way.

Lauren Caudle (Houston, TX)

About my experience:

Our house was built in 1984 and the kitchen was in desperate need of an update. We knew the only way we could afford to do the kitchen is if we did most of the work ourselves. I found Kitchen Pro through an online search and was impressed with the selection and of course the pricing. The website was very user friendly and the ordering process was quick and easy. Once the cabinets arrived the instructions online made the assembly a snap. I was impressed with the quality of the finish and all wood construction. We were able to get the cabinets installed in 1 day.
We just purchased our first house and are on a very limited budget. I desperately wanted to update our kitchen but didn't want to spend all of our savings to do so. We did all of the work ourselves, and with the very reasonably priced cabinets from Kitchen Pro saved over $4000 from what another cabinet company was going to charge us for an inferior particleboard cabinet. With that savings I was able to splurge on granite slab countertops, a professional style faucet, stainless steel and glass range hood and stainless steel bar pulls. Our kitchen underwent a dramatic transformation and is almost complete.

Lee Linde (McCammon, ID)

About my experience:

In this extensive remodel project we removed walls and replaced them with exposed beams to open up the kitchen. We then built a custom 3 tier island to accomodate guests as well as a special counter for a handicapped son in a wheelchair.The finish product perfectly blends beauty and functionality.
We were able to create this dream kitchen on a modest budget thanks to Kitchen Pro Cabinetry products and alot of design imagination. Everything you could want in a kitchen including an abundance of storage space as well as modern day features such as a computer workspace, pull out shelves and contemporary design make this a beautiful and user friendly kitchen.

Leanna Anderson (Flagstaff, AZ)

About my experience:

When we built our home, I had no idea how expensive good quality cabinets cost. We knew that we had to go all out when it came to our kitchen, but didn't have the budget. How grateful I am that kitchenspro saved us from ordinary and helped us create extrodinary on a budget. And the result is better quality and more beautiful then we could have ever of imagined.
We were able to take Kitchenspro's cabinets and make a kitchen that would rival the finest kitchens in the world. It is beautiful and definetly the jewel of our home.

Ted Kappler (Knoxville, TN)

About my experience:

My wife and I chose Kitchen Pro Cabinetry because we wanted the best looking, and best quality product for our money. Our designer at Kitchen Pro was wonderful. He helped translate our ideas and feelings into a plan that not only fits well into our size requirements, but also has the flare we wanted to achieve. We ordered several different samples and narrowed down our selection to the "Vanilla Glazed Maple" cabinets. The over all quality is equal to other cabinets that sell for a much higher price! Assembling the cabinets was not that difficult. To compliment our cabinets we selected high end: granite counter tops, solid hardwood flooring, appliances, faucet, etc.. To start we knocked down two side walls opening the kitchen up to the dining room and living room, creating a very open greatroom experience. My wife loves to cook, for just the two of us or lots of family and friends. She not only wanted a kitchen that looks great from the living and dining room; she wanted one that is completely functional. The end result is beyond our expectations! We hope that you take something from what you see in our photos, and experience, to help you in your process of creating your own dream kitchen. 

Carole Ann Giberson (Mt. Vernon, OH)

About my experience:

A house turning 90 years old this year, a clever plan to cover some of the expenses and a ton of sweat went into remodeling my kitchen. It was the execellent quality and price of your cabinets that made it all possible. We made some miscalculations - being "amateurs"- and Kitchen Pro helped us get it right! The samples we received made it easy to choose the cabinet style I really wanted. Being able to see and feel the quality of the wood and see the colors and shades in the wood sold me on whiich cabinet I truly wanted. Your staff is courteous, too!
My kitchen has not been touched since the 1940/50's. My family combined their "economic stimulus"checks so I could afford the new cabinets. I have a daughter with multiple disabilities and extra money is difficult to come by. The transformation was sensational. I waited 20 years for this! It was a labor of love by my family. I am so proud of the result. No one could LOVE their kitchen more than I do!!